How To Root Android Pie On Samsung Using Magisk

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Among the available rooting solutions, Magisk plays a special role in the Android community by now. Magisk was initially launched in 2016 and it has become the most popular and successful rooting solution for a number of Andorid smartphones. Here, you will be able to learn how to root Android Pie running on the latest Samsung smartphones. Generally, users are able to root their Android devices easily through flashing the Magisk zip file in TWRP custom recovery. But, this regular method cannot apply for the latest Samsung Pie devices due to its usage of  A/B partition or System-as-root

How To Check A/B Partition

You can check if your device is using A/B partitions or system-as-root by running the following commands in adb shell or another terminal emulator

  • getprop - If the command show you true as the  result, then your device has A/B partitions  

  • getprop - If the command show you true as the  result, then your device is using  system-as-root

Things You Should Know & Do Before Installing Magisk

  • Get a complete backup of your device
  • Magisk will be installed in tp the recovery partition if A/B partition are not used
  • Magisk trips Samsung Knox warranty
  • Unlock the bootloader 

How To Root Android Pie On Samsung

  •  Download the accurate firmware file for your device on your computer and copy the AP_XXXXXX.tar.md5 file to your device
  • Download and Install the latest Magisk Manager APK on your smartphone
  • Open Magisk Manager > Go to Install > Install >Select and Patch a File > choose the AP_XXXXXX.tar.md5 file

samsung root

  • Then, the Magisk App will patch the firmware and store it in Internal Storage > Download >magisk_patched.tar
  • Copy magisk_patched.tar file to your PC using adb pull /sdcard/Download/magisk_patched.tar
  • Now, boot your device in to "Download Mode"
  • Download & Install  Odin programme on the computer 
  • Load the magisk_patched.tar on AP and rest of the firmware files respectively on BL, CP and HOME_CSC

Odin root

  • Uncheck the "Auto Reboot" option on the Odin interface
  • Click on the "Start button to start the flashing process
  • Press Power + Volume Down  to leave the download mode and press the OEM combo key while the screen turns off keep pressing the "Volume Up" button untill you see the stock recovery screen
  • In the recovery screen, choose Wipe data/factory reset using volume buttons
  • Next, select "Reboot system now" and press the combo key to boot in to the recovery and releases all buttons once you see the bootloader warning screen
  • Now, the device can boot on to the system with Magisk and you may experience automatic reboot when it boots first
  • Finally, opens the Magisk Manager and follow the on-screen instructions to update the Magisk framework

Final Word

In case you need to get back to the original firmware, make sure to flash full firmware through Odin after doing proper factory reset. Also, if you need to update the device, make sure to patch the AP file using Magisk following the same steps and flash it via Odin.

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