How To Root Android - An Easy Way To Root iOcean X7 HD

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iOcean X7 Smartphone was one of the popular and reasonably priced smartphones which were manufactured in the People Republic Of China aiming  Europe countries. The smartphone model was highly demanded around 2013 and it's been a long time after the initial release. As iOcean X7 was very valuable for its market price at that time and delivered a high-end specification for an unbelievable price. Although the model is too old to be discussed in present, I do not think, it would give the same feeling for root lovers. Because all the Android and root enthusiasts start their first rooting attempt with lower Android versions running on an old device before try on the latest device. So, if you someone who eagerly looking forward to practising your first rooting attempt on iOcean X7 HD, Root Genius is here for you. 

How To Root Android

As a root enthusiast, you may already know that there are two ways to root your Android. If you are still not aware of the two universal methods that are being used to root Android, check below

  • One-Click Root Method -Most of the One-Click Root methods are available as Android app and some of them can be downloaded for both Android and PCs. One-Click root method runs the Su binary to get administrative privilege using the Android exploits. Root Genius, Framaroot, and Towelroot are best examples for this method.

  • Recovery Method - In the recovery method, you need to flash a custom recovery image on your device using ADB & Fastboot command via a PC first. Then, you have to apply the relevant framework on the default Android system via flashing framework Zip file. Magisk is the most popular framework as of now.

how to root Android

How To Root Android - Root  iOcean X7 HD With Root Genius APK

iOcean X7 HD is based on MediaTek MT6582 and Root Genius is one of the successful tools for MTK devices. You can simply root your device following the steps below.

Note: Get a complete backup of your device before getting root access and also make sure to enable "Unknown Sources" on the device and disable the Android virus guard if activated.

  • Download & Install  latest Root Genius APK on your iOcean X7 HD smartphone
  • Open the application and tap on the "Root" button
  • Wait until the process reaches 100%
  • Check your app directory for King User 
  • If it is installed, your device is successfully rooted 

Final Word

Although Android rooting unleashes the maximum capability of your device, it decreases the official value of the device. So, think twice if you try to root a device that is covered under a valid device warranty.

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