How To Root Android And Change IMEI Number Of Your Android Smartphone

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root Android

There are several key reasons that induce Android users to root their Android smartphone despite the possible negative results of the process. Changing IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity) one of the prominent reasons to have root access. Basically, the IMEI number is beneficial to stop smartphones from stealing and abusing them. However, sometimes legal users also become uncomfortable due to IMEI as it makes users traceable and gives invalid IMEI issues. In some countries, users are not allowed to change this International Mobile Equipment Identity and you need to be aware of that if you prefer it.

How To Root Android

Here, we are going to change the IMEI number using Xposed Installer and you need root access to install Xposed Installer. That is why you need to get to know how to root Android. As you know, the rooting solution depends on various technical facts and it's hard to mention the exact solution at the moment. But, as a tip, the CF-Auto-Root method can be mentioned here as it is compatible with over 300 devices.

What Is Xposed Installer 

The Xposed installer is an Android modding tool and it allows users to extend the capability of the current Android device by adding Add-ons to the ROM. These add-ons are called "Modules" and you can have some of the specific features on the stock ROM itself without flashing a custom ROM. You can install Xposed installer following the steps mentioned below

  • Download the Xposed APK through the XDA developers and Install the APK as usual
  • Launch the APK and go to the " Framework section"
  • Tap on "Install/Update button" and select "Install"
  • Grant superuser access for Xposed Installer and It will install the Xposed framework on your device

how to root Android

How To Change IMEI 

  • Dial  *#06#  and note down your IMEI number
  • Download IMEI Generator App through the Google Play Store
  • Open Xposed Installer and add the  IMEI Generator App as a module to the Xposed Installer
  • Restart your device and open the module
  • The module will show you the original IMEI number of your device  and you will see the " New IMEI No." section below it
  • Type the new number you want in the section and tap on the " Apply" button
  • Rester your device and dial   *#06#  code and check if the new number is applied or not

Final Word

Make sure to keep your device connected to the Internet while the process is being performed. IMEI changing may be illegal in some countries and you are advised not to use the technology for illegal activities.

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