How To Root Android - Bootloader Is Explained

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how to root Android

The question "How To Root Android" is one of the most common questions that can be found among Andorid users. According to my knowledge, no one could answer this question at once as the correct answer to this question is always available as a standard process that includes several steps. Unlocking bootloader is one of those steps which is very essential when rooting an Andorid using a rooting tool such as Magisk

What Is Bootloader

If you are keen on "How To Root Android", you must be aware of what is bootloader as it plays an important role in Android rooting. The bootloader (a piece of code) loads when you restart your smartphone and check if you've tampered the OS or still the OS is in its genuine status. If you have tampered the OS installing an unauthorized piece of software or file on the OS, the bootloader does not allow the device to function as you expect. In the rooting process, unauthorized Su binary file is installed on the device. So, you cannot use the device after rooting if you have not unlocked the device before implementing the rooting process. Technically, the kernel and ramdisk are loaded after running the bootloader and get the rest of the booting process going.


One-Click Method Vs Recovery Method

The importance of unlocking bootloader varies according to the rooting method that you are going to use. As one-click tools have been designed to exploit Andoird vulnerabilities, no kernel patching or firmware update is performed. So, there's nothing that could be revealed when the bootloader loads. But the recovery method is a bit complicated method. In this method, the Su binary file is applied on the stock firmware through flashing it in a custom recovery image. In simple, it's just like installing software updates, but a non-official update in a non-official way. So, the bootloader prevents the device from running the modified firmware and this reaction may cause device hanging in boot-screen or bricking which may finally result in losing valuable user data. Whatever the rooting method, the final intention is to modify an Andorid device. So, the best bet is unlocking the bootloader to avoid possible disadvantages if you are interested in rooting.

Final Word

I hope, now you have a clear idea about bootloader and why you should pay special attention to it. Though Android rooting seems to be simple, some technical issues related to it, need your higher attention than you think. So, do not miss even a tiny point which may bring remorse finally.

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