How To Root Android - Best Way To Verify Root Access On Your Android

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As I hope, there is no chance to find someone who isn't aware of Android Rooting as it is that much popular. When it comes to How To Root Android topic, at a glance you may see it as a single topic. But, it's not a single topic since the topic covers all about rooting methods, root access management tools, root access verifying methods, ways to handle rooted device and unrooting methods. Especially, Android users need to know if his device is rooted properly after executing the relavant root exploit since all the future endeavours depend on the root access.

How To Verify Root Access

Generally, you get the final message once you performed the certain rooting process. But sometimes, this success message doesn't show the accurate status and perhaps it may mislead you. That's why Android users use separate apps to check the actual root status of their Android devices. Usually, this kind of apps provide basic to advanced details and vary app to app. Verifying root access becomes more important when selling and buying a used smartphone in the second market to verify the virginity of the stock firmware

Root Checker App

Currently, Root Checker app is widely used among users and complimented as an effective and accurate app to verify proper root installation. If your device is already rooted or you hope to root your device, you can use this app for free to check the root installation and get accurate details. The app is developed by joeykrim and available in the Google Play store for free require in-app features to use advanced features.


  • provide sharable results 
  • Over 10 million users
  • An effective and excellent method to verify root installation 
  • Reliable and constant updates
  • Provide all the essential information about root access
  • Root management application presents  the root access request to the user through root checker and denying will show no root access

root Andorid

Besides the key features, you can have additional features in the pro version. Pro features cost some money and you can add them if you feel the necessity. Here are available premium features on the app.

  • Determine Busy Box installation status
  • Completely free of commercial Ads
  • Home Screen widget to check root access status constantly 


As same as rooting a device, it's important to monitor root status constantly to avoid confusion. Especially, if you've rooted your device One-Click root method,  there is a higher chance to lose root access as one-click root methods are non-stable.

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