How To Root Android Via Samsung Odin

October 04, 2019 0 Comments

Officially, all the Samsung Galaxy users know that Samsung Odin works as the official flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Basically, Odin PC programme is used to flash stock Smasung firmware on Galaxy device when bricked or stuck. As same its official popularity for flashing purposes, non-officially, Odin is highly popular for rooting Smasung Galaxy devices. Let's see how you can use the Odin as a rooting tool

Technical Mechanism Of  Odin

Odin is technically recognized as low- level firmware flashing utility and primarily designed to flash firmware files in .tar or .tar.md5.This firmware called as Odin-flashable firmware as those are only compatible with Odin. A Samsung Galaxy user can download the compatible firmware for the device on the PC and apply it on the device wiping the current firmware using the Odin. The same process has been exploited by the Chainfire and crated CF-Auto-Root package including root utilities in the dedicated file extension to be able to flash via Odin.


Chninfrie has presented each root package for each device in his official website and you can download the relavant package for your device and flash it on the device using Odin. Here, you can have the best rooting guide on Odin root. Before, root your device with CF-Auto-Root make sure you are still running on Android stock recovery.

Final Verdict

CF-Auto-Root is not an official rooting solution. It is a third-party solution and rooting your device using CF-Auto-Root via Odin is at your own risk. Although Odin is developed by Samsung, there is no official evidence to prove that Odin root is official. So, it surely trips your Knox warranty and there is no way to fix it as permanently triggers an e-fuse in the Exynos socket chip. So, you need to think twice if your device is covered Samsung Knox warranty.

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