How To Root Android - Unlocking Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy

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how to root android

Do you want to root your Android? Then, you must learn about the Android bootloader. Because rooting an Android device with locked bootloader may brick your Android device. So, unlocking bootloader is one of the pre-requisites of Andoird rooting. Here we are going to talk about unlocking bootloader On Samsung Galaxy. So, if you are someone who is using a Samsung Galaxy user and interested in rooting, this information would be really beneficial for you.

What Is Android Bootloader

The bootloader is the programme that runs at first when you turn on your device. It checks the status of the OS and only let it run if it is genuine. It means, your device cannot load the Android operating system if it is modified or tampered anyhow. Because the bootloader does not allow it to run. So, now you may understand, why unlocked boot loader becomes very important in Andriod rooting. When you root your Android device, your rooting solution changes the stock firmware and patched it with relavant modifications. So, if you root your device without unlocking the device's bootloader, there is a possible chance to brick your device. Especially, if you are using the custom recovery method to root your Android.

android rooting

Unlocking Bootloader On Samsung Galaxy

  • 1 Step - Go to Settings > Developer Options > OEM Unlocking
  • 2 Step - Turn Off your Samsung Galaxy smartphone 
  • 3 Step - Boot your device in to "Download Mode" using OEM button combination or ABD command "adb reboot download"
  • 4 Step - Press and Hold Volume up to unlock the bootloader (This process erases all your data)
  • 5 Step - Now, your device will reboot automatically

This is the normal process to unlock the bootloader of the latest Smasung Galaxy smartphones. But, still, your device does not have unlocked the bootloader since the Samsung has configured  Samsung VaultKeeper to refuse to unofficial partitions. So, you need to get permission explicitly from  Samsung VaultKeeper to install unofficial images. After performing the above-mentioned steps perform the following steps to prove the Samsung VaultKeeper that user has enabled the OEM unlocking option

  • 6 Step - Connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to the Internet
  • 7 Step - Enable developer options
  • 8 Step - Check the existence of OEM unlocking option and it is greyed out
  • 9 Step - Now, the VaultKeeper service unlocks the bootloader and now, you can flash the  unofficial images in download mode  

Final Word

If you are trying to use a custom recovery method (Magisk/SuperSU)to root your Android unlocking bootloader is one of the essential requisites to perform the rooting process smoothly. So, make sure to unlock it first before trying to flash any root binary file.

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