How To Root Android - What Are The Best Root Apps

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After making a hard attempt to root an Android device and soon after getting root access, the first complication that arises is What are the best root apps. Here, you will be able to read about some root apps that can customize your rooted Android device in amazing way. Actually, a rooted device is nothing without root apps. Because root apps play a special role in customizing your Android after getting root access. In simple words, root apps are the apps which cannot do anything on a non-rooted device but wonder on a rooted Android device. Let's get to know some of the best root apps.

How To Root Android

If you are a newbie to the Android world, all these things might be weird to you. But do not worry. You can gain some knowledge by visiting XDA developers and reputed forums such as Android Authority. In simple words, rooting allows you to become the device administrator of your device, the designation which previously belonged to your device manufacturer.

Best Root Apps

how to root Android

  • App2SD - Is you interne device memory full of stuff and do you want to transfer them to your SD card? Technically, some of the apps cannot be transferred to SD card and some times you have to face confusion when you come across lack of memory. In such cases, App2SD can help you to transfer apps to SD card can free some space for you. In order to do it, App2SD needs root access and withou root access it does not function well.

  • Greenify -  The key purpose of Greenify is to hibernate misbehaving apps and save some battery power. It requires root access to function properly  and the is a really beneficial app if you are someone who has installed lots of apps on his device

  • Migrate - Migrate functions as custom ROM migration tool and it has been designed to back up your device data and restore them after flashing a new custom ROM on your device. Currently, the app is in beta stage and you can download it for free via Play store. Basically, the app creates a Zip file including your back up data and you can flash it via TWRP recovery to restore your data. According to the developer recommendation, you must root the new custom ROM flashing  Magisk via TWRP recovery and then the backup file needs to be flashed. Finally, you need to boot your new ROM and Migrate backup will be restored.

Final Word

Here are only osme of best root apps and there are lots of root apps that can make your device wonderful than now. But you need to root your Android device properly before using any of app. If not, you won't be able to get the expected result from any root app.

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