How To Root Android & How To Unroot Android

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Android is the world most popular mobile operating system and most of the smartphone are powered by Android. There are two key reasons for Android to become this much popular. First one is its affordable price and the second one is its open-source nature. Thankful to Android's open-source nature, Android users can transform their low-budget Android smartphone to high-end Android smartphone with the help of Android rooting. As you know, Android rooting allows Android users to extend the stock Android features and add new features to their stock smartphones.

How To Root Android 

Before navigating to Android unroot, let's get a quick glance at How To Root Android. Officially, Pure Android operating system is unrestricted and it becomes restricted when your device manufacturer involved in it. As you know, all the smartphone manufacturers' goal is to earn maximum profit from the smartphone models that they launch in a specific time. So, they impose software restrictions on the models to prevent customization on them to protect the genuineness of the model and maximize the profit. that is why you cannot customize your device going against manufacturers restictions. Android rooting allows you to remove those restrictions and get the ability to modify your device as you want.

 How To Unroot Android And Why Unroot

As same as looking forward to How To Root Android, people also looking forward to unrooting their rooted Android device. This happens when they want to skip another Advanced rooting solution or when they want to sell the device in the second market. Also, you cannot receive OTA updates when you have rooted your device after flashing a custom recovery image without preserving stock recovery and kernel. Then, you need to remove root.

How To Unroot Android

Some rooting apps themselves offer the unrooting facility and you can use that facility if available in your rooting solution. If not, you can use SuperSu, ES File Manager, flashing Stock Firmware or installing OTA updates


  •  Download SuperUS > Launch SuperSU > Go to the “Settings” > Tap on "Full unroot" > Tap on "Continue" > Device will restrat > Uninstall SupeSu

ES File Manager 

  • Download and install ES File Explorer 
  • Launch ES File Explorer 
  • Tap  on the "Menu" button
  • Go “Tools” > Turn on “Root Explorer” > Go Back to the Main Screen
  • Go to your device’s root folder ( “/”) > Navigate to “system” | “bin”
  • Delete the  “busy box” and “SU” files

Note: In case, you cannot find the   “busy box” and “SU” files, go to the root folder > Delete superuser.apk. >Restart your Android device

OTA updates

  •  If you have rooted your device using a one-click rooting tool without doing any tampering to stock recovery, you can easily unroot your device installing OTA updates on your device after uninstalling SuerSU or related root app

Installing Stock Firmware 

  • This is the final method that you must try if you cannot gain a positive result from the above-mentioned solution. Installing stock firmware following the specific stock firmware flashing method will technically remove all the root related stuff from your device and will give you the stock Android back

Final Word

Make sure to get a complete back up of your Android device before unrooting your device. Because as same as rooting unrooting also may affect your dev device badly if goes wrong. 

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