How To Root Android - How Does One-Click Rooting Tool Work

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how to root Android

Smartphone is one most powerful and rebellious device that was invented by human. The main thing that makes a regular phone a smartphone is its operating system. There are several competitive mobile operating system that are beign used to empower smartphones. Among them, Android is the most popular and frequently used mobile operating system. There are several reasons to make Android more popular than another mobile operating system. Beign an open-source, simplicity, affordable prices and customization ability are the prominent reasons for the higher popularity of Android. When it comes to Android customization, Android rooting cannot be avoided

How To Root Android  Explained

Android is beign distributed as an open-source platform and its open-source nature has inspired developers to create innovative apps and mods on it. As you know, there are a large number of Android smartphone models under a number of smartphone brands and each model is different in appearance, performance and shape. When a platform is referred to as an open-source, it means the source code is publicly available and experts can make the modifications and also they can design apps and mods for the platform. Technically, your device can run compatible modified  Android OSs and apps as your device has been designed to run Android and related products. But your device manufacturer has restated the ability to do so by placing a virtual barrier on the device. If you are not a tech expert, you can understand that any specific system is based on its system files and system files are playing a special role in system operation.

 The same principle can be applied to the Android operating system. The android operating system has been designed based on the Linux file system and the Android kernel has been designed based on a modified version of Linux kernel. Linux file structure uses single file directory as the base and other all the directories has been written under it which is commonly known as the root directory. All the partitions in Android share directories come from the root directory. So, in case of making changes on the Android system require access to the root directory.

 As all the smartphone phones are shipped with customized Android according to your device manufacture preferences and he is the root user by default. It means, there is no chance for a regular user to make any changes on the Android system in deep which can change the default Android appearance and performance. So, if you want to change anything visually or make your device more powerful than now, you need to become the root user of your device following the rooting mechanism

how to root android

What Happened When You Root Your Device

As mentioned before, Android is based on Linux and as same as Windows command Linux also uses specific commands for specific tasks. The Su command in Linux is used to change and transfer the ownership of the root user and executing the Su command on the Andriod do the same thing as in Linux. So, when you root your device using the relavant rooting tool, the same thing happen and finally, a regular Android user can acess the root directory and make the changes on the device becoming the root user.

One-Click Rooting Tools For Android Rooting 

One-click rooting tools has bee designed to execute Su command on Android using Android vulnerabilities without using a computer. Root Android apk are really simple and easy to install. Any Android user can use them without any specific technical knowledge. A one-click rooting tool is based on an exploit, Su binary and root acess management app. Some of the one-click rooting tools do not come with root acess management app and need to install yourself to manage the root acess for each app. The root acess management app plays a special role in rooted Android smartphone. After rooting your device, it becomes more vulnerable to virus threats as any app can acess your root directory and make any change on them. As you have granted acess to any app by default, your device does not prompt your itself when an app enters your device. That is why you need root acess management app. Actually, this is the face of Su binary and it prompts you when an app asks for permission to acess your root files. Then, you can either grant or deny the root acess for the app. Also, you need it to update the Su binary file when needed.

how to root android

How To Select An Ideal One-Click Rooting Tool

As mentioned before, one-click rooting tools are based on Android exploits and most of the times each tool has compatible Android versions. So,  check your Android version and before picking up one. On the other hand, be careful when you update your device after rooting. Because  the relavant exploit may not available on the new update which includes in your previous rooting solution

Final Word

Android rooting a bit risky task as it affects whole your device functionality. Always get a complete back up of y our device and follow the rooting tool developers' rules exactly to avoid the possible complications.

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