How To Root Android - Download Best Rooting Solutions

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how to root android

Are you interested in Android Rooting? If so, this is going to be something fascinated for you. As you know, Android rooting is the most effective and beneficial way to revamp your Android device as you want. Generally, all the Android devices are manufactured under some software restrictions to ensure the protection of the device, user and manufacturer. Though these software restrictions have been imposed to be beneficial for Android users, most of the users hate them since thses software restrictions stand as a barrier in Android customizing. At least, you cannot even uninstall one of the useless manufacturer apps that consumes a vast amount of internal space though none of them useful. It may be enough to understand how these software restrictions dominate your device taking control of it.

What Happens When You Root Your Device

Technically, Android is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and some other open-source software. The file system of Android consists of the single root directory and all the available physical disks and partitions include under the root directory. The root directory does not have a drive letter, instead "/" is used to display the root directory. Generally, you cannot see the root file under the root directory where all the system files and folder exist unless you have not rooted your device. Also, you cannot acess these files and folder without rooting your device. The rooting process allows Su binary to acess the root files in system partition and grant superuser access for an app after checking superuser.apk.The responsibility of superuser.apk is to maintain a database of app permission you have previously granted. When an app asks for permission to run as root app/system app, Su binary check the database and prompt you to get your run the relavant app as a system/root app on your device. The interface of Su binary differs according to the rooting solution and you do not get the same interface for all the rooting solution.

What Is Su Binary

Terminologically, Su stands for substitute user in Linux and it is the command which can change the ownership of an ordinary user to the root user. A root user can acess all parts and command in the system. Therefore, most of the times the root user is referred to as the Superuser or Switch user

how to root

Best Rooting Solutions

  • KingoRoot  Download - KingoRoot is one of most popular one-click rooting tools which is available in both APK and PC version for free. It allows Android users to root their devices very easily and install Kingo superuser APK on your device to manage root permissions. It is compatible up to Android 5.0 to Android 1.5 and supports most popular Android smartphones such as Samsung, Huawei, Lg and Google etc.

  • OneClickRoot Download  - Oneclickroot is another popular one-click rooting app which is developed by OneClickRoot team. The app is available for both PC and Android. The speciality of the app is an online scan which helps users to get to know the compatibility of the device with the app before rooting. It prevents possible device bricking at the beginning. Technically, the app is compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X.In case, you feel suspicious about the app. simple download the app and run a free scan before using the app. You cannot make OneClickRoot Download fore free as it must be purchased to root your device

  • RootKHP Download  - RootKHP has a higher reputation in rooting Android Nougat. Though it has been designed to root up toAndrid Oreo, it has recorded higher success in rooting Android Nougat.RootKHP is only available for Windows PC and there is no APK version as previous rooting solutions.

 All the solutions that have been mentioned previously belong to the one-click rooting tools category. You can use them very easily as same as using a regular Android application after enabling USB debugging mode on your device. But most of the one-click tools become unsuccessful on higher versions of Android. Because the Andoird vulnerabilities that are used one-click rooting tools are patched soon by the Google making one-click rooting tools unstable. In such cases, you need to consider an advanced rooting solution. Here are the most popular two advanced rooting solutions 

root android

  • Magisk Download  - Magisk allows you to root your device without tampering your system partion.Instaed, it modifies your boot partion and allows you to use advanced features such as Safetynet bypass, Magisk modules, Magisk Hide. You need to flash TWRP recovery image on your device and flash Magisk Zip file to have root acess on your device

  • Odin Download - This is the most popular rooting solution for Smasung Galaxy smartphone. Actually, Odin is not a rooting solution. It comes as the official rooting utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones along with the ability to flash root packages. So, most of Smasung Galaxy users prefer Odin Download as their rooting solution.


Each Android device is unique and needs special attention when trying to root. The same rooting process can't be applied for every device since the android version, bootloader differs from each other. If you try to root your device, make sure to have proper guidance before proceeding.

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