How To Root Android - Download Magisk And Root Your Android

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Getting root access is a bit complicated technical process as it deals with the system files of your device. But, a successful root tool can make the whole rooting process as easy as eating a piece of cake. Currently, Magisk has a higher demand as a successful rooting solution which is developed by topjohnwu who is a recognized developer and the contributor to XDA developers. Initially, Magisk was launched in 2016. Although it has been about three years by now, still the popularity remains the same.

What Is Magisk

Magisk is a complete root solution that contains MagiskSu binary file to unleash the root access and Magisk Manager along with advanced features to manage the rooted device. Magisk is more important than other rooting solutions as it supports Android users to use bank and financial apps on rooted Android devices which are tested by Google Safetynet.SafetyNet Attestation API that includes in Google SafetyNet allows app developers to identify the genuineness of the Android device which their apps are running on. If your device cannot pass the SafetyNet Attestation test, you are not allowed to run those apps. Magisk rooted devices can cover root access using the Magisk Hide feature available in the Magisk Manager when needed and enjoy the apps that not compatible with root access.

How Does Magisk Hide Root Acess

Generally, almost all of the rooting solution access the system partition exploiting Android vulnerabilities or flashing root binaries. The purpose of both techniques is to place the Su binary in the system partition to check the database to determine if root access should be granted or not. In contrast to the general rooting method, Magisk modifies the boot partition of the device. Technically, SafetyNet Attestation API only evaluates the run time environment of the specific app and it has been allocated from the system partition. It means it cannot evaluate the boot partition and identify your device as a rooted device.

Magisk And Magisk Manager

Every time Magisk is discussed, the Magisk manager comes with it automatically. Most Android users do not have clear comprehension about the difference between  Magisk and Magisk Manager. Magisk is the root binary file that grants you root access. Once you have flashed the Magisk Zip file in a custom recovery on your device, you become superuser and you can access all the system files and commands. But you cannot use Magisk Hide, Magisk Modules, and other Magisk features without having a magisk manager. So, now you may understand the single term Magisk indicates two elements, not a single element.

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Magisk Manager Features

  • Magisk Hide - This is the most important feature in Magisk Manager. Actually, sometimes the main purpose of rooting with Magisk is to have the Magisk Hide feature. This feature allows Android users to hide the root access from some apps such as Google pay. You can simply enable the option using Open Magisk > Tap on the Menu button > Settings > Enable Magisk Hide >Tap on Menu icon > Tap on Magisk Hide > Select the app. Now, open the which denied opening previously. It will work on your rooted device without any problem 

  • Magisk SU -  Ask your permission when an app asks for root access. You can grant permission or deny with help of  MagiskSu (Superuser)

  • Install - You can see this option as soon as you open the Magisk Manager. Generally, you can install Magisk Manager on your non-rooted device and root it using Magisk with the help of Magisk Manager. As same as the "Install"  button, you may see the "Uninstall" button on the home page of the Magisk Manager. It allows you to uninstall the Magisk from your device easily

  • Modules - Modules option in the Magisk Manager menu allows you to install Magisk modules on your device and customize it as you want. Modules option allows you to install Magisk modules manually. You can install the Magisk module following these steps. Download Magisk module on your device > Open Magisk Manager > Tap on Menu > Select Module > Tap on + icon > place your module > Keep pressing the module > Tap on Open > Reboot when installation is completed.

  • Download - Tapping on the download icon in the Magisk Manager menu, you can have the default list of Magisk Modules and install a preferred module

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How To Root Your Android Using Magisk

Note: Magisk only works with Android 4.2+ and the regular installation method cannot be used on the lz4 compressed boot images. lz4 compressed boot images are used on the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones. If you are using Samsung Android 9.0 or higher version you need to patch your boot image and flash it. It is a bit hard method and you can root your latest Samsung device using Odin easier than Magisk. Check it

  • Get a complete back up of your device
  • Enable USB Debugging mode and unlock the bootloader of your device
  • Install the relevant TWRP recovery image on your device
  • Download Magisk Zip file on your Android device
  • Boot your device into recovery mode
  • In recovery mode, select Magisk Zip file 
  • When the installation is done, tap on Reboot system

After rebooting you will see Magisk Manager on your device which is the most important element in Magisk root. If you cannot find it on your device, you need to install it manually on your device.

Final Word

Magisk is frequently updated by the developer and you will be prompt when a new version is available. Then, you can update it using the Magisk Manager.

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