How To Root Android Smartphone Using RootKHP

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As you know, the smartphone is one of the essential equipment we are using daily. There are a number of smartphone brands and a few mobile operating systems that empower smartphones. Android is one of them which has become the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Most of the smartphone users are using Android smartphones. If you are an Android user you must have experienced the features of the Android operating system. I am also one of Android users who has been inspired by its simplicity and customization ability. Android has been developed as an open-source operating system and users are able to customize it very easily when compared to the other operating systems.

Android Rooting And Customization

You cannot have missed the word "Rooting" if you are an Android enthusiastic. The first and initial step to Android customization is "Rooting" and it is highly demanded as of now. Rooting allows you to access the deepest level of your device operating system and make changes which means you become the system administrator of your device. Generally, the device manufacturer is the System administrator of your device. That is why you cannot have full control over your device. The manufacturer keeps the administrative privileges with him when shipping the smartphone to protect it and keep it as a unique device. The protection and the security that is offered by the manufacturer are valuable but keep Android users trapped into a cage without giving them a chance to have the full potential of the device. That is why Android rooting becomes important. It allows users to enhance the performance of the device operating system and customize it attractively.

Methods To Root Your Android

There are several methods to root your Android device. You technically remove the software restrictions that have been imposed on your device mobile operating system when you root the device. The rooting process is done by installing SU binary files on your device system partition after exploiting the vulnerabilities of Android OS. The way  Installing SU binary is called as the rooting method. It means you can install the SU binary files using rooting apps, fastboot or flashing root packages. Rooting apps are very popular and demanded as a rooting method since it simply installs the SU binary and gets root access faster. Flashing root packages and using fastboot requires some technical knowledge and rooting apps needs only to be installed on your device or PC.

Download RootKHP

RootKHP is one of popular one click root android which is well-known for Android Nougat rooting. It is a free programme and it has the ability to gain root access on a number of Android devices. Currently, the programme is being developed as a Windows-based programme and the developer has informed the RootKHP APK is in the development stage.

Changelog Of RootKHP

  1. In 2015 the initial version of RootKHP was released
  2. Reduced the file size
  3. Supported the Android Lollipop devices
  4. Improved support for Samsung, Sony, Micromax
  5. Fixed bugs on Micromax Bolt A36 and improved compatibility on  Micromax smartphones and tablets 
  6. Optimized speed for the programme
  7. Working ability on Windows Vista
  8. Expanded list of compatibility devices
  9. The programme supported  German and Russian languages and added root access on BlackBerry Priv/ DTEK50, Huawei G9 Plus, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro/Mi5 and other

Supported Windows Platforms

RootKHP is a Windows-based programme and it is compatible with Windows 10/2012 R2/ 8.1/2012/ 8/2008 R2/ 7/2008 and Windows Vista. Previously, RootKHP had a bug when working on Windows Vista SP1 and it was solved on RootKHP v1.6 version

Supported Android Devices And Android Platforms

You can root Android Kikat to Android Oreo using RootKHP and the programme has earned more reputation as an Android Nougat rooting application. The device compatibility list is too long to mention here. But here you can find some of the famous smartphone brands which you can root using RootKHP. Asus, Huawei, Sony, Amoi, Lenovo, Spice, Microsoft, Archos, Coolpad, Honor, Lava, Oppo, OnePlus, Vivo, Vodafone, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, Nokia are some of them. The latest version of RootKHP comes as the RootKHP Pro.

How To Root Your Android Smartphone Using RootKHP

As mentioned above, RootKHP is a Windows-based programme and you need a Windows computer to use it. Check the supported Windows platforms to select a compatible platform. Also, collect a compatible USB cable to connect your device to the computer.

1 Step - Download and Install RootKHP programme on your Windows computer
2 Step - Connect your Android device to the computer
3 Step - Enable the USB debugging mode on your Android device
4 Step - Launch the RootKHP programme
5 Step - Click on the orange colour "Root" button and wait until the programme notify you that you have root access


RootKHP is the most successful root tool when compared to other root applications. As you know it is hard to fine one-click rooting tool to root Android Nougat devices. But, RootKHP has a higher success rate in Android Rooting and it has been specially improved to root Android Nougat devices.

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