How To Manage Your Rooted Device

May 21, 2019 0 Comments

You have to pay your attention to manage your rooted device as much as you paid attention when you rooted your device. As Android users, all of us know how much we concern when choosing the right application to root our devices. We consider a number of facts when we choosing the right application. We read articles and watch videos, ask from friends and drop emails to developers and do many more things to pick up the most successful and accurate rooting application. But have you ever pay your attention towards the importance of root managing tool. if you have, it is better and if you have not, it is time to learn about root managing tools

What Are Root Managing Tools

As you know, after rooting your device all the third-party apps which needs root acess are compatible with your device. So, you need a mechanism to manage the acess of these applications. You have to face a problem if your device lets an app to acess your device's system files which may harm your operating system. Since the device is rooted no one can guarantee that your device will not let an app which is harmful. That is why you need a successful root management tool to control the unauthorized app

Why SuperSU As Your Root Managing Tool

According to the official source, SuperSU has not been updated for a long time. But still, users are using it due to its simplicity and easy installation. Currently, the app is available in Google Play store for free which should have been purchased previously. There is no clear reason for that but we can assume that it is because of the retirement of SuperSU developer "Chainfire". However, if you are keen on the latest root management tool, Magisk Manager is the best option 

What Is Magisk Manager

Magisk manager is the root managing application which has been specially designed to manage Android devices which have been rooted using Magisk framework. Magisk manager offers a number of useful features to manage your rooted Android device. Magisk manager,

  1. Allow users to update Magisk framework
  2. Magisk Hide option allows users to hide the root status of the device when needed 
  3. Allo users to install magisk modules to customize rooted Android devices
  4. Uninstall Magisk when needed

Final Word

If you have rooted your device already now, make sure to install root managing application on your device to keep your rooted device under your control.

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