Download 360 Root App - Root Almost All Of the Leading Smartphones Brands

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Rooting! Rooting! Rooting! Almost all Android users are always murmuring this term and looking forward to having their devices rooted. If you are keen on mobile technology, you may know what is Android rooting already now. But if you are fresher you may need to know what is Android rooting and what is the purpose of it. The technical side of rooting is bit advanced and you need some technical knowledge to understand it. In here you can have a quick glance at Android rooting and its purpose

Android Rooting 

Actually, it is rare to find someone who is not aware of Android rooting. Because most of Android users are now very enthusiastic and always try to find new technical stuff and use them practically. Android Rooting is explained as the process which is used to gain privileged control over various Android subsystems. You can root your device using one-click rooting tools, ADB and Fastboot commands and some flashing utilities. Whatever the method the same mechanism is implemented when rooting a device. The mechanism is using an exploit and crawls into the Android system and make necessary alterations to the system. An  Android user can root android phone with pc as same as using Android root APKs. Some rooting tools come in both PC and APK version while some rooting apps are only available in APK versions

Android Rooting Purposes

The key purpose of Android Rooting is to unlock the full potential of the device which has been locked by the device manufacturer to protect the device and personal data on the device. Perhaps you may know that a rooted  Android device can offer a lot of features than we experince on non-rooted devices. A regular Android device comes with some software restrictions and these restictions do not allow users to pass the appointed possibilities on their Android devices. After rooting Android device users are able to perform functionalities such as,

Installing Custom Recovery - Recovery environment is an independent and lightweight runtime environment which has been placed in a separate partition from the core Android system. Users are able to boot their devices into recovery mode directly when needed. All the Andriod devices are shipped with stock recovery and it has only limited features. Users need to flash custom recovery to perform advanced technical tasks such as installing custom ROMs.In order to install a third party recovery which is commonly known as custom recovery, your device must be rooted

Installing Custom ROMs - Custom ROM refers to a complete modified Android operating system. Custom ROMs are developed by third-parties under the rights granted by the original copyright holder. Custom ROMs offers lots of attractive features which fulfil users preferences.

Third-party apps  - Generally, users cannot download apps and games from other sources other than the Google play store. But you can download apps and games from other sources than Google play store on a rooted device. Because rooting removes the restrictions for third-party apps and games

Installing Kernels - Flashing a custom kernel on your device allow you to enhance the battery and the device performance which stock kernel cannot do

Download 360 Root App -Root Your Android

360 Root App is one of the popular one-click rooting apps which comes as both APK and PC versions.  360 Root App is developed by  360 Security Center as a free product. Users are able to root most of leading smartphones using 360 Root App.

360 Root App Features

Quick root acess
Compatible with leading smartphones brands
Support Android  2.2.1 - 5.1.1
Uninstall the pre-installed software and System apps
Perform system cleaning and removes cache data
Allow you to lock the Gallery app on your device without using a separate application

Support Models

360 Root App supports a number of leading smartphone and here are some of them


How To Use 360 Root App

1 Step - Download 360 Root App
2 Step - Go to Control Panel > Internet Options > Connections > Lan Settings
3 Step - Enter in Address, 81 field , activate proxy server and press "OK"
4 Step - Enable USB Debugging on your phone
5 Step - Now, press ROOT button on 360 app to root your device
6 Step - Reboot your device when rooting is done. If 360 Root App fails to root your device try once again.

Note: Perhaps you may not be able to root some device models using 360 Root App due to manufacturer restictions.  360 Root App originally comes as Chinese programme and that is why you need to change the IP address to activate the proxy server to get the relevant exploit to root your device


360 Root App is developed by 360 security centre from China and they have recommended it for over 9000 device models from world leading smartphone brands. If you are looking forward to having root acess on y our device 360 Root App would be a good option.

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