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download aptoide tv

Aptoide is referred to an open-source market place for Android applications. It comes in several versions as  Aptoide for smartphones and tablets, Aptoide TV,  Aptoide VR and Aptoide Kids. The app has been inspired by the APT packaging manager which can run multiple sources at once. As you know, we can only use one app store depending on our device to get apps. If you are using Android platforms, your choice is the Google play store. But the Aptoide app store which is not a unique and centralized store allows you to have apps from a number of app stores at once.

Aptoide TV Features

1. All the available apps are free and offer apps which are not available in your country
2. Aptoide platform is available in 40 languages
3. Aptoide Lite available for low end and slow internet connection devices
4. Easy app installation
5. Attractive interface with well-categorised menu
6. Easy third- party app installations
7. Almost all of non- official streaming apps are available
8. No limitations and compatibility issues as in official app stores
9. Does not require registration
10. Allows you to create your own market place and manage it
11. Offers mod versions of games and hack tools
12. Download multiple apps at once

Aptoide TV store

Aptoide TV store is one of the most popular variants of Aptoide. Aptoide TV store is Android- based and can be installed on any device that runs on the Android platform. Fire OS is not a pure Android version but a variant of the Android platform. Therefore Aptoide TV store works on FireOS fine. You cannot install Aptoide TV store on your Android platform through the official store since it is an alternative app.

How To Install Aptoide TV On Android TV Box/Android Smart TV

You can install the application on both Android Smart Tv and Android TV Box. Android TV box is the device which can convert any tv into a smart TV  along with additional options. It allows you to surf the web, play games/videos and stream movies and TV shows to the TV from favourite streaming sites. You need an internet connection to use this small media centre after connecting your Tv. As mentioned before,  Aptoide TV is an alternative app and it comes from a third-party source. You need to enable unknown source from your Android TV to run the application.

latest adtoide tv

1 Step -  Open the Home page of your Android TV Box/Android Smart TV and then go to  the "Settings" menu

2 Step - Find the "Security" option and select it

3 Step - Now, check the "Unknown Sources" and download the Aptoide TV store from the official website via your Tv browser or you can download the application on to your flash drive and install it on your Tv

 Aptoide Tv on Firestick

You cannot download  Aptoide Tv directly from the Amazon app store. It must be downloaded from official Aptoide Tv and you need enable the permission in the fire Tv before installing the Aptoide Tv.
  • 1 Step -  Launch Fire TV Home page
  • 2 Step - Go to the "Settings" option
  • 3 Step - Next, select the "Device" option and go to "Developer Options"
  • 4 Step - Turn on the " Apps From Unknown Sources"
  • 5 Step -Head back the "Home Screen" and go to the "Search" option
  • 6 Step - Type "Downloader" and search for it
  • 7 Step - Open "Downloader Page" and  Go to "Settings"
  • 8 Step - Enable the JavaScript and open the "Downloader Page" again


Common Errors And Fixes Aptoide Tv On Firestick

The most common problem that may occur when Aptoide Tv On Firestick is downloaded apps not working properly. You can use one of the following methods to avoid this issue
  • 1 Step - Launch FireTV Home page
  • 2 Step - Go Settings >. Applications >>Installed Applications
  • 3 Step - Select the struggling application from the  menu
  • 4 Step -  Try one of the following methods after selecting the app
1. Try changing the storage of  the app if you are using 1st or 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV
2. Stop/Uninstall the app
3. Clear the cache
4. If you are using a third Generation or higher Fire Tv grant all the permission for the app using Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Select app > Grant all the Permissions.

Popular Streaming Apps From Aptoide Tv

  • Kodi - This is an awesome media centre you can install via Aptoide TV. It allows you to play movies, play games and download emulators of older consoles and do many more
  • Netflix - Another awesome streaming app which offers amazing and exclusive shows and offers original content from production houses
  • Mobdro - This awesome app works as a video streaming discovery platform which allows you to look for free video streaming on the web and make them accessible form your Android device
  • Pandora - Pandora is referred to as a personalized radio station. Because it allows you to listen to stations and recommendations form your computer and or phone. Also, you can listen to them via Aptoide TV making your TV a sound box

Final Word

Aptoide TV store has become a mind-blowing 3rd party application by now since it offers a large number of streaming apps for free. Not only streaming apps but also it provides games and other useful apps from multiple sources at once. Since it has a wide range of compatibility, users eagerly using it. It is the best choice to experience the full potential of your Android Tv.

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