Magisk Manager with Systemless root support

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Become a root user is not complicated thanks to dedicated Android developers in XDA community. But when we consider having special root permission, there is no doubt that you all remember Magisk Manager. Though it was just a couple of years that developers introduced the method, it was a remarkable and surrounded users over three million. However, the application available for free in the web with its latest version to settle on your devices in an advanced manner. Its systemless root support is the most highlighted feature that made it the most admirable rooting tool in the market. Simply go to a reliable source and download the package right away. 

What are the requirements?

Android Lollipop 5.0 – 5.1.1, Marshmallow 6.0 – 6.0.1, Nougat 7.0 – 7.1.2, Oreo 8.0 – 8.1 are the OS versions that required to have on your device while trying to reach root permission of Magisk manager. When you come to the device’s brand compatibility, there is no any certain limitation if your device does not have special security codes.

Significant features of Magisk manager

  • Root permission
When a user looking how they can accomplish root status through Magisk manager, they can use the feature MagiskSU there. It is the certain fraction to carry out the operation. 

  • Magisk Hide
Of course, this is the specific functionality and that lets the user to hide the root permission that applied to the device for further uses. When you hide it, you can download and play with whatsoever root unsupported applications there and enjoy everything freely. Moreover, those who desire to move with Google SafetyNet as well will be able to smoothly go on without unroot the handset.

  • Magic Mount
So this is the certain part which supports us to arrange any customization to the handset devoid of affect the handset partitions.

  • Magisk Manager
This is kind of KingUser or SuperSU support in formal rooted devices. This means users can manage everything behind magisk root simply using the managing option.

Download and install Magisk Manager 


  • Charge the device up to 100%
  • Download Magisk manager latest version for free. Keep in your mind that it should set to the phone storage
  • Once you settle the Zip package, you can follow instructions and start the procedure
  • Create a complete backup 

The procedure

  • Put the handset into recovery mode right away
  • Now use the certain Install key on the UI
  • And then go down in the list and find out the zip package and tap on it to start the process
  • Now remain for the package to settle in the device frame
  • When a black screen will display, you can realize that you have been succeeded
  • And then it is time to reboot the Smartphone Use the specific reboot system option to reboot the handset
  • When your handset will reboot, you will be able to capture the Magisk app on your handset


  • Create a backup is an important preparation part
  • And you must download the latest edition there always to carry out fixes and stable features

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