YouTube Vanced Apk for non-root Android

November 06, 2018 0 Comments

 If you are a YouTube lover and looking for a peaceful and smooth support to surf and enjoy, this is the perfect application that you should have bearing on. In simply, we call it YouTube Vanced apk which available for both root and non-root Android Smartphone and Tablet. This has been known as iYTBP that developed by Master_T, who is a higher-ranking developer in XDA community. 

However, the new Vanced team is the controller of the utility that taken the responsibility and combined official updates of YouTube as well. The Xposed Module and that available for YouTube Video Playback was the huge image behind this project. So when it design, Master_T taken the idea and uses from the certain module and inserted them to the concept. 

YouTube Vanced for non-root users

The best thing of YouTube Vanced application is that it can even use though you are a non-root user. Behind unique and exceptional features apart from the official app gives you, you will encounter built-in ad blocker, black/white themes, background playbacks plus further. Although you do not have special root permission, still you can become a member of this Vanced utility. And also, you can apply those administrative functions as well. 

Features of YouTube Vanced apk

YouTube Vanced hold similar features that only change when it comes to separated options such as root and non-root support for the toolkit name should alter. And even the Play store services as well will stay far until the MicroG will set up for Vanced, since it should capture proper logins. 

  • Close out advertisements
  • Auto Repeat as functionality
  • Background Playback
  • Force VP9 or else HDR/ vice versa
  • Override Maximal Resolution
  • All devices can simply press to zoom
  • Take priority over maximal resolution
  • Toggle themes in Black, white or dark
  • Chosen rapidity and Resolution

How to install?


Here is how you can become a member of one of trending applications in the market these days.
  • First of all, make certain that your device compatible with the application
  • Those who want to log in with very own YouTube accounts should set up MicroG APK on their Smartphone
  • And then search for the latest version of the utility from the web
  • Download it and install as an often APK you do
  • Check the app whether it properly works

Important points to remember

  • When we come to rooted devices, there you have to establish TWRP on the device before flash this. It is because the TWRP recovery does not comes with the installer
  • When you download the utility, it should be the latest version and even the non-root package until you are not a rooted user
  • The Vanced app or module is not there which yet to apply to the tool. But users can move with offline video feature
  • To download respective file packages, you can go to the official host or navigate to some other reliable source

Developer credits 

Youtube Vanced is a brave creation and a development of the team @KevinX8, @Razerman, @Laura almeida and @ZaneZam.

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