Root Android Nougat using Rootkhp download

October 09, 2018 0 Comments

Rootkhp is a trendy rooting application introduced by XDA developers a couple of years ago. Its recent version 1.6 brought several interesting features and enhancements to the utility for a better support. Rootkhp download is a computer based submission that yet to release its APK option. The best of this utility is its perfect support for root Android Nougat based devices. If you are fascinated Android rooting, chose an easy and well established tool is important. So this may be the implement you were looking for. Let’s check out further. 

Rootkhp for any Android Smartphone

Rootkhp require a Windows running PC to apply through since it is not a straight application comes as an APK to be settled on our Smartphone or the Tablet. However, since it does not have any certain limitation, users can easily become a rooted user with a single tap behind in the approved manner arrangements. If you are with least necessities, there is nothing to worry. Just let Rootkhp bring you root permission in seconds by just confirming that you are a Nougat user. 

When you become a root user, the handset will unveil its hidden features and open doorways for custom ROM flash, root-only apps, boost handset performances, save battery life and so on.

Root any Android using Rootkhp download


  • Check the device battery power and charge it if it is not above 80%
  • Create a complete backup
  • Compile a USB cable and a Windows running PC
  • Install USB drivers to the computer
  • Download the latest version of Rootkhp in a straight line on your PC
  • Enable USB debugging option of the handset from Settings app

The procedure

  • Connect the Smartphone using the cable that you compiled
  • Remain few minutes patiently until Rootkhp identify the handset
  • If you are agreed with conditions, put your finger on the Orange color root switch
  • So the utility will commence the procedure and let you see the “Root process started, Please wait few minutes” note then
  • You have to patiently wait there until the utility will complete the procedure perfectly. If the process will end, the display will change into “Congratulations! Root finished” to tell you that you won the battle 

  • So just close the note and safely remove the handset from the cable. You can go to Play store and download Root Checker app to confirm that the device is rooted

Rootkhp latest version

The latest version 1.6 of the tool can download just for free from the web. The compatible device list expands with few new models such as LG G2, Nexus 6 and Hisense C1. Also, Xiaomi Mi5, BlackBery DTEK50, Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro, BlackBerry Priv and Huawei G9 Plus as well add to the new list. Unexpected restart of the tool when apply for Vista SP1 on Windows as well fixed. 

Troubleshooting tips

There might be an error message when you tap on the certain root button. If it will popup, just check the connectivity of devices are properly attatched and arranged USB debugging mode
Keep in your mind that the user must compile a Windows machine and the tool cannot go through any other operating system

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