Download Sony Mobile Flasher for your Xperia

September 10, 2018 0 Comments

Hello everyone, we are back with another flashing tool and that specifically supports those users with Sony Xperia. It comes for free of charge as an offer of XDA members Androxyde and Bin4ry. However, because of the specific support behind the recommended device model, we call it Sony Mobile Flasher. It is glad here that the utility can perform on any Windows, Mac Os X or else Linux as well. Its procedure has been well-designed and plain in all. And there is no doubt of its user-friendly standing too. So you can check out our brief clarification about its performance for further. 

Features of Sony mobile flasher

Stock and custom ROM/Recovery flash is the key feature. So it supports you to upgrade, downgrade or else customize the handset as you wish. The procedure is not complicated. Furthermore, Root is the next functionality. By install SuperSU, you are capable to accomplish many further movements on your handset. You will reach administrative level privileges as well from then once become rooted. And then, flash custom recovery, busybox and kernels are the next. And that lets you to carry our further heavy tasks.

The latest version

As usual, this too has its own updates that make the procedure sharp and smooth always. In recent times, 0.923.2 became the hottest edition of the implement which replaced the previous with several identified errors and issues. Apart from minor arrangements, that the bug created FTF bundles have been patched perfectly.

Root or flash with Sony mobile flasher


  • Download and prepare the certain ROM file
  • Arrange a PC and install drivers in it
  • And download the latest version of tool files
  • Moreover, you have to check for the recent Sony mobile flashing tool as well
  • Charge the Smartphone battery at least up to 75%

The step guide


  • First of all, unzip the firmware package
  • Now you can release the utility
  • And then click the Flash button. So a dialog box will open. You should enter Bootmode > Flashmode and OK respectively
  • Load the downloaded device ROM file right away
  • The process will begin
  • And then, turn off the handset using Volume down connecting to the PC with a proper USB wire
  • The interface will let you see ADDEDD message then
  • The process will spring during the next couple of minutes and end everything smoothly if all you entered are correct
  • So no need to remain any longer once the handset will boot. Unplug the Smartphone from the cable and check out whether it is stable

Troubleshooting tips 

  • Backup of important data is the first thing that you should accomplish
  • The utility cannot support C4 and C5 Sony models for some reasons at this instant. So make sure that your handset is one of compatible ones
  • Since Xperia m5 has a risk of bricking, the user should compile FSC to escape from
  • When the utility will commence the procedure the user should stay far and not reach the handset for any movement
  • If there is an error or an issue, the tool should uninstall and reinstall. Make certain that the tool version is the latest

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