SRS root download latest version with improved features

Since rooting became a trending approach for Android users to bring managerial level rights on their devices, we brought SRS root download today as one of highlighted utilities among XDA developers. Having an easy method and a well-designed tool can support you to carry out the process through a victorious consequence. As a desktop based implement, users should compile a Windows running PC to set up everything to run. Those who are thrilled about one click rooting as well can deal with SRS root tool in an exciting manner within few steps. Throughout additional uses such as Tmobile Sim lock, Read and reset guester and FRP Bypass for root handset, users can accomplish some further results as well.

Why root permission for Android?

As we note from the very commencing stages, root permission for Android is significant in varies uses. We basically say that root status is the key to access whatsoever administrative level right to customize the entire handset in simply. There are thousands of root-only features and tweaks. With whatever advanced Smartphone, we cannot gain some of those functions at any condition. So it is the key reason for users fell to get root permission on their smart handsets.

Highlights of SRS root

  • Single click root

SRS root comes with one click root performance. So then, users just have to tap on a key once to start the procedure. There are several exploits with the implement and that will use in accordance to the device that you are going to root. 

  • Several options to root

With SRS root, users can select the most preferred rooting method between those several options that it has offered for users. 

  • Unroot

This is the feature to undo everything you arranged once get root permission. Smartroot is one of those optional rooting methods that you can pick up.

  • Further features

In fact, this tool stands as a complex comes with some further movements as well. As it contains ADB Toolbox, throughout, the utility will Wipe Data & Simlock plus bypass FRP lock too for those who expertise to be used. 

How to root?

  • Backup all important files and everything in your device memory
  • Prepare a Windows machine and a USB cable
  • Download SRS latest version
  • Charge the handset at least up to 70%
  • And then arrange the PC by install USB drivers in it
  • Connect the device to Wi-Fi
  • Arrange USB debugging mode
  • As preparations are completed, you can start follow respective guide lines from now. When you comes there to click the option, use the “Root all method” as suggested


  • The device Android version should be above Android 1.5 and below 4.2. So if the tool seems not work suitably, check out your Android version
  • SRS root 4.7 is the most recent tool version to be downloaded
  • For the most part, drivers that we install to the computer may not work properly if they are not the latest. If there is an issue, the device will not detect properly. And even the procedure might get stuck. So make certain your drivers installation is stable and the latest

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