Rootgenius download - Root without a PC

Root genius is another fabulous offer of XDA developers to gain root permission over any Android handset. Version 3.1.7 is the latest edition contains all-new schedules and performances. Reports say that the utility capable to recognize systems of devices over 10,000 in varies brands. Since Rootgenius download is one of oldest rooting tools, experts should already know how great its performance endured thus far. However, Apk and desktop-based tools are the two options that users should select first. And then they will capable to bring root status on their Smartphone system in order to separate steps guides. 

Rootgenius download as an apk or PC based tool

As we slightly note above that the two optional methods of the utilities are rootgenius apk and PC based approach, you better clearly get them first. With the Apk option, the implement capable to simply set up to the device system while the other should arrange with a Windows computer. In accordance with their separated requirements, the user should arrange few things orderly. While Mac OS X or Linux are not compatible with, it is important having a Windows PC. However, with whatever method, root genius is an easy process to gain root access on almost all handset models above Android 4.4.2.


  • Custom firmware/kernel flash
  • Uninstall built-in-apps
  • Boost the system performance

Special features of Rootgenius download

Single click root features is the most highlighted functionality of the tool because of its easiness to gain a perfect result. All the user should do to complete the procedure is click on a single key. And when you want to arrange the tool, there are two formats as setup app and portable. With the first way, you can simply click on the exe file and launch it while the second format will ask you to establish the application. 

Moreover, recovery mode is the root mode of the utility which uses in special occasions. Once the utility will identify that the device system is tough to handle using the often scheme, it automatically switch to recovery mode and set you successful. And another best condition based on the tool is there is no any additional installation behind its root approach though some other alternatives in the market deal with further set ups. 

Howe to root?


Here is the easiest Rootgenius apk step guide. Follow preparations and the step guide orderly and carefully for a better ending. 


  • Backup important data
  • Fully charge the handset
  • Download the latest version 2.2.89 of the apk directly on your device
  • Make certain that the Wi-Fi or internet connection is stable

The procedure

  • Once the app will establish on your screen tap on it to launch
  • Put the finger on the green button on the UI
  • So the process will begin and bring to an end within few minutes

Get the “Root checker” app for further confirmations. It will support you to make certain whether the Smartphone entered root status or not yet.

By the way, you can choose the PC method optionally, if you do not reach a decision with this.

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