How to Flash Android using Samsung Odin Download

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odin download

Throughout Samsung Odin download, users capable to carry out a couple of operations purely. Unlike other flashing approaches, Odin capable to perform root accomplishments as well. In fact, it is a complex of utilities and that comes just for free of charge. In most cases, it can be used to upgrade/downgrade, root/unroot, unbrick, recover bootloop issues and in whatever serious trouble related to software. Odin download latest version 3.12.7 compatible with almost all Samsung smart device models.

What’s more?

By the way, you are advised to use a Windows computer to launch since the utility comes as an exe package. And tar is whatever file should be as it is a file type which is the only that Odin download capable to read. It is the reason behind Custom ROM flash procedures rear to see for those kits mostly comes in zip packages. Zip or else whatever further file formats cannot go through Odin at all.
However, there is one more thing for it became one of bravest flashing utilities among XDA developers. It is handier when those who desire flash custom packages without root permission. Since Odin already contained right of accessing such structures, you will simply capable to inject and flash the handset.

Odin download latest version

  • Download Odin latest version 3.12.7
  • Fixed issues and bugs
  • Enhanced performances and the capability

How to flash using Odin download?

Here is a brief guide to flash using Odin.


  • Backup the entire system or important files
  • Charge the Smartphone up to 100%
  • Download the latest version of Odin download
  • Prepare a Windows PC and a USB cable which are properly workable
  • Download and install Samsung USB drivers to the arranged PC
  • Bring a tar firmware package from Sammobile website

The procedure

  • Extract both downloaded files above and save to the desktop
  • Go to Odin files and run Odin exe file using “Run as administrator” option
  • Put the device into download/Odin mode using Volume, Power and Home keys
  • Connect the handset to the computer
  • Once the handset detects, tap AP switch and browse tar file to the Odin UI
  • Keep your eyes on the text box on your left side. The “Log” section should show “Leave CS”
  • Finally, click the Start button
  • The procedure will end PASS! or RESET! notifications on the top of the interface
  • While the first one display of succeeded attempts, those who receive the other should apply the procedure once more with recommended preparations.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If your first effort will fail, just check out what are the points that you missed and replace them to try few more times
  • Odin procedure may be stuck at some several stages. Uninstall Odin tool you downloaded and search for a reliable file from the latest version
  • Sometimes, you may not be able to arrange download mode on your phone. So then, just take the battery out from the handset and put back within 30 seconds. And try again
  • Once you connect the phone to the PC, the device should detect by the utility within next few minutes. If not, there may be an issue with the connection port that you used

Developer Credits

Odin download Developer credits go to Samsung Inc. We are grateful for developing the utility to flash, recover and customize all Samsung Android devices confidently when needed.

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